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Quick trip for dinner aboard the "Goin Off"

Today my fishing bud Frank & I decided to take a quick trip offshore for some Tripletail and Cobia.

My son Eric and his wife Amber left for home in Tallahassee about 10:30 AM so Frank came over and off we went. Picked up a few finger mullet on the way out of the locks and found conditions to be generally good at least for the first hour or so of fishing. Saw the we caught cobe and after one cast and dinner tomorrow night was assured. Saw a number of tripletail but for whatever reason they all seemed to have lock jaw. We finally pursued one pair of nice ones and finally got one of them to eat as the picture below shows.

Then the overcast and the rains came an we were done by 3:00 PM and back at the house by 4:30 OM.

Fresh cobia and/or tripletail on the Martin and Adair menu tomorrow night, Yummy!

Final tally for the day:
1 Tripletail
1 Cobia

Today's Catch