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Half day playing hooky Tripletail aboard the "Goin Off"

Today my fishing buds Frank & Buck decided to play "hooky' and take a half day off from the daily grind and go back after some more of those Tripletail and Cobia Frank and I had found on Sunday 11/11.

Jetted home, splashed the "Goin Off" and managed to pick up the guys at PC by about 12:45 PM. Ran offshore in pretty snotty 3'-4' white capping conditions and never really found the what we were looking for in the area we fished on Sunday. We did manage to find a cobia and had him hooked up for a short while but pulled the hooks and the one and only cobia for the day was gone. We found a bunch of small tripletail, probably over 20, and chose to bait the three largest ones we found that you see in the picture.

Had we bagged the cobia it would have been an exceptional day, however, I'm content with what Poseidon provided today considering that we had very limited time and pretty lousy conditions.

I guess I know what's on the menu at our house tomorrow night.

Final tally for the day:
3 Tripletail

Today's Catch

Tripletail times three