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First of the fall Cobia aboard the "Frayed Knot"

I gave Frank Martin a call and asked him if he wanted to run out with me in the Goin Off to see if any of the fall cobia had started to show up. He got a hall pass from his wife but instead of taking the Goin Off we decided to take the Frayed Knot since it hadn't been run in a while because of all of the bad weather. So I grabbed my trusty spinning rods and off Cape Marina and the briny blue Frank and I went.

Well NOAA got it right today and the wind and seas were running 3'-4' as promised with 15 kts. of wind making for a bumpy, rocking and rolling ride all day. With the conditions we faced both Frank and I considered it mission accomplished with our catch after trying to sight fish in those conditions. The one thing I will say is that Frank has the eyes of an eagle since he saw both cobes from on deck while I was holding on in the crows nest.

Many thanks to Frank for a fun filled day and a tasty meal or two or three this coming week.

Final tally for the day:
2 Cobia (41 lbs. and 31 lbs 11 oz.) 
2 Tripletail.


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