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Rainy Day Flounder aboard the "Goin Off"

Today my fishing bud Mason and I decided to go back after some more of those flounder we caught a week ago. Man those things are tasty and a flounder trip is about the least expensive fishing trip you can do with today's gas prices as they are.

Hearing that the finger mullet had pretty much dried up in the port and beachside we both agreed that a little early morning work with the cast net in the river would probably be worth the trouble. We were both glad we guessed right since most of the folks we talked in the port either had a really hard time finding them or ended up buying them from the bait shops.

We left my house in a drizzling rain and made it through the locks by 8:00 AM and were able to acquire enough finger mullet in about an hour and a half. The bite was steady most of the day at the usual founder poundin' spots we fish and we were able to take our limit by about 2:00 PM. We had a few finger mullet left and on the way to the house in we gave away the rest of our finger mullet to a couple of our fishin' buds who were working to catch a dinner for themselves. We hustled ourselves to get home in time to watch most of the UF/Kentucky game and to feast on fresh flounder.

What a really great day of fishing with a really good friend.

Final tally for the day:
20 Flounder

Today's Catch

Double & triple stacked!!!