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Bottom bumpin' with John, Mike, Chris and Jamie

Today my fishin' buddies were John, Mike, Jamie and Chris who are all Brevard County firemen.  Chris is the nephew of one of the network managers at AT&T that I worked with for many years before my retirement.

They met me at my house at 6:00 AM and after filling the bait well with 3 or 4 dozen pinners I had caught yesterday we were off the the briny blue after passage through the locks. We headed south to the Liberty wreck to try to add a few hard tails to the bait well, but no dice today, the water was not very clean. We only able to catch one hard tail and a few lizardfish on the sabiki's. We then headed to Pelican Flats and the same off color water was there as well and spent only a few minutes trying to troll up a king on plugs.

Then off to the deep blue we went and passed through a large flotilla of sport fishermen who were apparently competing in some sort of billfish tournament out of Ft. Pierce. Stopped in the 230' - 245' bottom that I had recent success in and with a 1 knot current and light winds getting to the bottom with 10- 12 oz. wasn't a problem.

We had a pretty fair amount of action and lost a few heroes, in fact I had one on that took me to the gunnels' and broke the line.

Final tally for the day:
1 24" Red Snapper
3 Red Grouper with one released to grow up
1 Scamp Grouper
1 Gag Grouper (24 lbs. 9 oz.)
2 Banded Rudderfish
1 Bonito

Mike & his 24 lb 9 oz. Gag Grouper

Jamie & his Scamp Grouper

John & his Red Grouper

Jamie & his Red Grouper

The firehouse crew John, Mike, Chris and Jamie.