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A half day for the Addington and Vaughn Families

    Today my fishing buddies were a pair of fun loving families. Today I was host to Scott, Brandi, Kaci and Nathan and Kim and Vaughn Addington
    We started our half day getting a live well of pogies down the beach near the Steeple and then headed to 8A reef. Fishing today was alittle slower than I like to see but we were able to catch two and a half Kingfish and two Cobia which were too short to keep unfortunately.
    We did have a decent amount of action but a few of the opportunities were lost when we failed to get a solid hookup
   A good time was had by all and we still had a couple of gallon bags of bonless filets to take home for a tasty fresh fish dinner.

Final tally for the day:
7 Kingfish
A few Remora
1 Mahi-Mahi released to grow up

Nathan gets a whole Kingfish, while Vaughn get a half  Kingfish.

Vaughn's half Kingfish thanks to a Barracuda.

Bowed up on a Cobia almost ready to net

Brandi catches a short Cobia.

Scott gets a short Cobia as well. Soon to be safely released.

The Today's Crew.
Pictured left to right: Scott, Brandi, Kaci, Nathan, Vaughn, and Kim)