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Half day for the Coppola family to celebrate Independence day


    Today my fishing buddies were the Coppola Family Eric, Michelle, Sarah, Eric's father Ron and and Ron's girlfriend Lorraine. The plan for today was to catch enough fish to take home this afternoon to cook up for the Independence Day celebration later in the evening.
    We procured some pogies for slow trolling after running down the beach and finding a school  and after one toss of the net the live well was loaded and we were on our way.
    8A was chosen for our quest of fish with the kings being pretty consistent and hopefully a shot at a cobia as well. We fished until about 1 PM and the kingfish bite was a little slow but steady and we were able to get today's mission accomplished and get back and cleaned up in time to enjoy the Independence Day festivities.
   Another great day with good weather and a fun loving family and a few good tasting guest invited to dinner.   

Final tally for the day:
8 Kingfish for dinner
1 Bonito for bottom bait.

Sun is rising on our early start  on what will be a beautiful day!

Lorraine showing good form and workin on dinner!

Lorraine's first kingfish and will soon be part of today's dinner.

Eric's wife Michelle with another Kingfish for the fish box.

Almost out of line.

Ron and Lorraine with a Bonito and enjoying the day!

Sarah is bowed up on another dinner guest.

Lets invite this one to dinner as well.

Are we having fun yet?

The Coppola Family and Lorraine with fixins for
today's Independence Day meal