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Goin Off Sportfishing deep sea fishing from Cocoa Beach out of Port Canaveral

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A half day for for Mike, Terri and Alex Abrams
Nathan Kendall

    Today my fishing buddies were Mike, Terri and Alex Abrams and Nathan Kendall. Mike and Terri are no strangers to the Goin Off since it has almost been a year since they last went offshore with me for a little fun and fishing. This was Alex and Nathans first venture into the world of offshore fishing and Mike and Terri were really hopeful that we would be able to get into some action.
    Went down the beach and although they weren't really obvious there were pogies to be had and I saw some boats milling about on the beach between the port and the pier but upon my arrival it was obvious to me that they weren't having much luck. Got lucky and saw a few of them flip just for a few seconds and I quickly zeroed in on the pogies right in the middle of the bunch of boats. One toss of the net bagged a net full for us and I was able to provide a number of the other boats a well full of pogies as well. I always help out others when I can since I believe in karma and as you'll see it paid off for the Abrams clan.
    Since 8A is close to the port and it has been pretty consistent lately we headed our way there and joined the rest of the fleet. The bite was not red hot but consistent and we caught more than enough fish to throw on heck of a fish fry with plenty left for the freezer.
    A couple of tips I might offer for everyone that fishes this area are to find pogies sometimes you won't find the pelicans diving vigorously nor will they be flipping at the surface. If you see pelican(s) dive repeatedly in a general area or, there are pelicans sitting on the water in an area it is highly likely that there is bait (pogies) around. Now to find them you need to use your depth sounder to locate them and then throw your net when they are showing up on the screen. Another tip that paid off today is to keep a spinning rod with a hook ready (I use a 10/0 circle hook) for quick use when Mr. Cobia shows up in your prop wash. When he shows up and one day he will you'll be ready to quickly hook on a pogie and hand feed him. Happens all the time and in today's case twice, and one of the two that swam up today while we were slow trolling were keepers.
    Finished up the day with a 32 knot cruise back to the port with a fish box full of tasty critters, some great memories and another couple of guys hooked on offshore fishing.

Final tally for the day:
4 Kingfish
4 Cobia Three Keepers and one released to grow up.
3 Barracuda released.
1 Remora released.

Nathan gets his first Cobia, 26", back in the water to grow up.

Nathan gets a barracuda and Alex his first Kingfish.

Nathan gets another Cobia and this time it's a keeper.,

Terri gets in on the action and catches a Kingfish

Mike bags his first Cobia the biggest yet.

Alex finishes off our half day with his first Cobia.

The Abrams Family
(Pictured from left to right: Nathan, Alex, Terri, and Mike)