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Goin Off Sportfishing deep sea fishing from Cocoa Beach out of Port Canaveral

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A half day for for Don, Steven, and Bobby Prater
from Oklahoma

    Today my fishing buddies were Don Prater and his sons Bobby and Steven down vacationing in East Central Florida. They originally booked their trip to watch a shuttle launch but the launch schedule changed on them. They decided to go ahead and visit anyway and Steven called me about a fishing trip and the rest is history.
    Luckily for us I had to stop to refuel and I think the delay helped because after leaving the port I stumbled across a school of pogies on the north side of the ship channel and with one toss of the net was able to secure as full net of lively baits.
    These were a bunch of fun lovin guys from the plains of Oklahoma who had never had the opportunity to fish offshore and luckily for us the Kingfish were biting. Everyone on board had multiple opportunities and it wasn't long before we put six kings in the box even with a bunch of cutoffs and pulled hooks. The only bummer was that we never had a shot at a Cobia, all day, but, then again, that's fishin.
    On the way back to the port I let the know that they could take a bag full of filets to "Grills" restaurant in the port and they'd cook it up for them for dinner at a very reasonable price. I also offered to vacuum bag their catch and freeze it for them for their trip home so they could take the rest of the tasty filets home for their families to enjoy. As it turned out they said the meal at Grillls was as good as I had advertised and they came by the next day and picked up their filets for the trip home.

Final tally for the day:
6 Kingfish

Bobby bags his first blue water fish and dinner is in the making.

Dad isn't to be outdone and bags his first Kingfish.

And yet another for dear old dad!

Steven gets in on the action and now we have
more than enough for dinner.

Bobby bags another Kingfish

Don bowed up again near the end of the day.

And finishes the day off with another Kingfish

The Prater family Boys from Oklahoma.
(Pictured from left to right: Steven, Bobby and Don)