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Goin Off Sportfishing deep sea fishing from Cocoa Beach out of Port Canaveral

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A half day of catching for the Bernhoft Family

    Today my fishing buddies were a delightful family the Bernhoft's, Don, Tina and their children Nick, Alexa Natalie and Noel.
    We started our half day as procuring a live well of pogies down the beach south of the Cocoa Beach pier and then headed to 8A reef, one of my favorite spots that consistently produces and is relatively nearby.
    Upon our arrival the action started and for most of our half day adventure we had a bent rod and were having loads of fun. I really enjoy young families and when the fishing is good mom dad and kids always have a ball. I really love it when a plan comes together.
    After a calm 30 knot cruise back to Port Canaveral we were treated briefly to an almost waterspout formation over the Indian River, and unusual sight, but ever sor short lived.

Final tally for the day:
7 Kingfish
A few Remora
1 Mahi-Mahi released to grow up

First blood a small Mahi-Mahi, too small to keep but fun to catch!

Nick gets his first Kingfish

Bowed up again and having fun!

Kingfish on the menu tonight.

Dad helping Noel with her first fish.

It's a remora for Noel.

Mom's turn on the business end of the rod

Even more Kingfish for dinner tonight.

Don gets in on the action also.

Mom and Dad aboard the Goin Off on a beautiful day.

Now it's a Kodak moment for the kids!

An almost waterspout we watched as we returned to Port Canaveral.


The Bernhoft Family with today's catch.