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Paul, Rick, Bob, and Dennis get Kings, Cobia, Cuda and Mahi .


    Today my fishing buddies were buddies from the fine Daytona Paul Krampert, Rick Hawrys and Bob and Dennis Higgins. I got a call a few weeks back from Dennis who wanted to get his buddies together and relive some old times on the water and ice down enough fish for a good fish fry and have a little left over as well.
    We started our day as usual catching some pogies on the beach for live bait and then off to Pelican flats we went. Slow trolling while deep sea fishing is definitely productive and that is why I do it so much. It's a great way to catch most anything that swims out there that's good to eat and today was no exception. Everyone on board caught at least on kingfish we went on to catch two cobia slow trolling as well but unfortunately one of them was too short to keep at 31 inches so we tagged him for the scientists and some other lucky angle will get to eat him some day.
    We finished out the day trolling ballyhoo and got two mahi and a barracuda to finish out or day on the water. A great time was had by all with some good eats to take home and beautiful weather to boot, doesn't get any better that that.

Final tally for the day:
7 Kingfish kept for the table
2 Mahi-Mahi
1 Cobia for the table and one released to grow up.
1 Barracuda for a quick picture and then back in the water.
2 or 3 Remora released to fight another day

Dennis gets a decent Kingfish.

Cobia gets invited to dinner as the guest of honor.

Another dinner guest goes into the fish box.

Dennis gets a Mahi.

Toothy critter gets a quick picture of them teeth and back in the water.

Lets sort these out and hang them up.

Today's happy crew with a multi-course dinner awaiting.