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No trip to the other side, but,
 a cooler full of Mahi-Mahi anyway.

    Today my fishing buddies were repeats Tony Calfee and his bud Timmy who have fished with me a number of times over the years.  They also brought along friends Darryl and Matt to share the day and round out the crew. This year the plan was to go back to the other side and get the Yellowfin Tuna that has eluded us the last couple of years but unfortunately mother nature didn't cooperate and I told them it would be a little to bumpy to cross and it was decided we'd do a full day offshore in search of Mahi-Mahi instead.
    We all met up a Bluepoints Marina at 7:00 AM and unlike the usual I decided not to try to procure pogies before heading offshore instead, we headed due east to get our baits in as early as possible. As it turned out my call on not going to the other side was a good on since it was a little bumpy with the seas running 2'-4 feet.
    We started trolling in scattered Sargasso at a temperature break we found in 110' of water and had our first  gaffer of the day hooked before I could get the entire spread of baits out. The action was not fast and furious but spread out all day and almost all of the fish were quality Mahi.
    We finished our day and started in a little after 3:00 PM with a fish box full of tasty Mahi-Mahi and a couple of hours of filleting for the captain to do.

Final tally for the day:
11 Mahi-Mahi
1 Barracuda released

Darryl's bowed up and showing good form.

Now that's what I'm talking about!

Doubled up this time with Darryl and Tony in charge.

One down one to go.

Now it's Matt's turn an instant cure for a queasy stomach.

I know what's for dinner tonight!

Come to papa, you're invited to dinner also.

Timmy's now the one in charge.

Welcome aboard, we'll see you later at dinner.

Timmy and yours truly with another dinner guest.

Today's Mahi-Mahi Harvesters!
(Left to Right: Tony, Darryl, Matt and Timmy)