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Curtis, Laura, Kyle, Corey, and Kaitlin from Denver bend some rods.


    Today my fishing buddies were Curtis, Laura, Kyle, and Corey Berg and Kyle's girlfriend Kaitlin Davis who are vacationing from the Denver for a half day of deep sea fishing offshore Port Canaveral.
    Ran down the beach as and picked up a live well pogies and since the bite at 8A for kings and Cobia has been so consistent lately I decided that we'd try our luck again there. As you can see the weather in the morning was beautiful and calm and upon arrival we were greeted with a steady and at times hot and heavy bite. Everyone aboard caught more than one fish and Kaitlin caught the only Cobia we saw. Unfortunately Kaitlin's cobia was just short of the 33" fork length requirement, but, with a little luck the next person who catches the Cobia will turn in the tag and Kaitlin will get a t-shirt in the mail.
    A great time was had by all and there was plenty of fish for the family to eat during their stay here in Central Florida. I really do like the new spray curtains that I recently had made at Bambi's Boat Works and Canvas in Port Canaveral because they kept all of us dry in our return to Cocoa Beach after we got caught by an afternoon thunderstorm.
    I really enjoyed sharing the day deep sea fishing with the Berg's and we all had a lot of fun. It's really what I love about what it is I like to do. Fishing, action, fun, new friends, and more good memories.

Final tally for the day:
16 Kingfish with a limit of eight kept for the table
1 Cobia tagged and released
1 Jack Crevalle
2 or 3 Remora released to fight another day

Corey bowed up on his first saltwater fish!

Laura gets in on the action and is lovin' it.

Time to get the net, Kaitlin has this Cobia whooped.

Kaitlin and her first saltwater fish. Too bad the Cobia is too small to keep.

Kyle with a rod bent on an angry Kingfish.

Curtis battling his jumbo Jack Crevalle with Kyle looking on.

The happy crew from Denver with plenty of groceries.
(Left to Right: Laura, Kaitlin, Curtis, Kyle and Corey)