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2011 Felix Tournament, 2nd place total aggregate,

  2nd place Sailfish, 3rd place Kingfish

    Today my fishing buddies were mostly repeats from last years annual Felix Tournament in which we came in second on the top prize for total aggregate and we unfortunately repeated our second place effort again this year. What do we have to do to come out on top? My crew again this year consisted of Steven Haines, Nate Wilbur, Eric Matthews, Tom Kiernan, and my son John.
    The tournament is a shotgun start with the start at 7:00 AM so we met up at the ramp in Ft. Pierce at 6:20. The gun went off and so were we, check out the pictures below taken by a photographer from the jetty. We proceeded as fast as the 3'-4' conditions would allow and splashed our baits in 180 feet of water. We had marked a good temperature break in 110 feet of water so we trolled our way back towards the temperature break and once we got there it was game on. We caught a total of 9 gaffer dolphin to 16.8 pounds, a 56 inch Sailfish, and a lonely Kingfish who must have been lost and had good action working that temperature break all day.
    A good time was had by all, my crew consumed a number of brewskies, especially one , who shall remain nameless and we were back in time for the weigh in at 3:00 PM. I had hoped we were going to be top boat and we were in the top total aggregate spot until the very end. But, it wasn't to be, we just needed one more big dolphin, or two more in the same size as bracket we already had and we would have won. I think we were only about 20 pounds total aggregate short of winning. Our sailfish was a little guy who was released unharmed after measuring and a few pictures. As it turned out our lost Kingfish brought in the 3rd place prize for Kingfish.
    Anyway, it was a beautiful somewhat "bumpy" day, we caught a lot of fish, my crew consumed a few beers, and we brought home a trophy, some great memories and a bunch of tasty filets.

Final tally for the day:
9 Mahi-Mahi to 16.5 pounds
1 Kingfish
1 Sailfish released to grow up

Why do you think the boats name is the "Goin Off".

Bowed up and pitch bait in the water

Fish on its way to the dinner table and the weigh in!

Stevens turn and John on the gaff!

Is a Bull Mahi!

I think he likes this stuff or is it the beer?

Stacking them into the fish box, things are looking up!

A double header, Mahi and Sailfish!

Wiring the Sailfish, careful now, need a measurement.

Tom's Sailfish, we're in the running for that prize!

Getting the measurement right.

56 1/2" small but incredibly cute!

Steven's on again, into another Mahi.

John gets to catch the last one then off to the weigh in we go.

Last one for the road!

Dinner awaiting processing.

The processor at work!

John, Nate, and Steven.

Today's Tournament Crew!
(Left to Right: Nate, Eric, yours truly, Tom, Steven, and John)