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Daniel. Brandon, and Marty full day offshore and two coolers of filets.


    Today my fishing buddies were Daniel, Brandon, and Marty who are vacationing fro the fine state of Tennessee for a full day of offshore fishing.
    Stopped on the beach as usual and picked up a live well pogies and decided to try our luck with the Kingfish a 8A since the Mahi bite had slowed down so much. I'm really glad we did go to 8A since from the moment we arrived it was game on for an hour and a half. The bite was off the hook and it was an hour before it slowed down enough for me to get out a full spread of four pogies. We caught or limit within the first hour and a half and released a few smaller fish as well. We finished the morning at 8A with a total of eight fish for the table and a total of 14 Kingfish caught and/or released. We finished with three of the eight fish over 20 pounds.
    The next stop was running out to some different depths and trying our luck for Mahi slow trolling pogies and we were rewarded with only the release of a shark for Daniel for our two hours of fishing. Next stop was at the cities service tanker for the Amberjack and they were chewing as well as the toothy critters and we broke off a few, but ended up with three Amberjack. Two were right at 40 pounds and the other around thirty. All three of the guys agreed that the Amberjack pull just a little harder than the Smallmouth Bass they are accustomed to catching.
    we finished out the day drowning ballyhoo and were able to add a small Mahi to our collection. The weather was beautiful and it was a great day with a lot of fun, and a great bunch of guys and a fish fry in their future.

Final tally for the day:
14 Kingfish with a limit of eight kept for the table
1 Small Mahi
3 Amberjack
1 Shark released to fight another day

Daniel and his first saltwater fish!

A brace of 20# kings for Marty and Brandon.

Another brace of kings for Daniel and Brandon.

Daniel catches a Shark

Brandon finds out that these Amberjack pull hard .

Brandon and Daniel with their tag team Amberjack.

Daniel gets an Amberjack all by himself.

Marty bowed up on and Amberjack showing good form.

Marty's amberjack.

Today's crew from Tennessee with a lot of smiles and kingfish double stacked.