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Goin Off Sportfishing deep sea fishing from Cocoa Beach out of Port Canaveral

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A slow half day offshore but a big king in the box
 for Mike, Steven, Eric, Brian and Tom

    Today my fishing buddies were former fishing buddies were Mike, Steven, Eric, Brian and Tom who are no strangers to the Goin Off. Our purpose today was as usual to go do our best to fill the fish box with some tasty treats and stock the freezer.
    We started our half day as usual procuring a live well of pogies which was easily accomplished in a short amount of time. Then, off to 8A reef we went with high expectations, unfortunately Poseidon wasn't on our side today as far as filling the fish box, however we did manage to catch a 34.7 pound Kingfish which turned out to be the largest one landed at Bluepoints Marina for the month of June.

Final tally for the day:
2 Kingfish with a big boy at 34.7 pounds
A few Remora
1 Bonito released to fight again
1 Red Snapper reluctantly, but safely released

Eric bowed up showing he's an old hand at this!

Kingfish for dinner tonight.

Mike's bowed up this time wonder what it is?

It's a Red Snapper but, unfortunately is has to be released due
to the Red Snapper fishery closure, what a bummer!

This time it's a Bonito

Tom bowed up and showing good form!

Tom with his trophy Kingfish at 34.7 pounds.

Today's Catch