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Goin Off Sportfishing deep sea fishing from Cocoa Beach out of Port Canaveral

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A Cobia day for Jason and Jeff.

    Today my fishing buddies were Jason Eads and Jeff Sellers for a full day offshore Port Canaveral. First order of business as usual was to procure pogies and like yesterday they were schooled up heavily in the Port Canaveral ship channel and incredibly hard to net. I tossed my deep water 19 pound net no less than 20 times to get enough bait to go the entire day. Not enough for extras since we used every last one of them. Since I had only two folks in my charter party I invited one of my buddies along to act as my mate and run the boat while I was in the crows nest scouting for Cobes.
    We ran north to an area that has been holding some Cobia in recent weeks and within ten minutes of our arrival it was game on. There were a lot of fish, but, most of the Cobia were obviously small and as usual the little ones were more aggressive than the keepers. I was as selective as I possibly could be and we were able to land a total of eight fish in the time allotted. I did break off another Cobia that would surely have been a keeper but the line got wrapped around the tip and snapped shortly after I hooked up. :(
    The weather was beautiful and the seas were reasonably calm and we did have to sit through one little rain shower while we were fishing. We were back at my dock filleting the fish by 5:30.

Final tally for the day:
8 Cobia to 35 #. Only two of them were keepers and the rest between 30 and 32 inches.
A bunch Atlantic Sharpnose Sharks released

Jason with his first blue water fish, too bad it's only 32".

Jeff with his first catch from the Atlantic, a keeper Cobia.

Jason with another one that's just short.

Donnie ready with the net for Jason's Cobia.

This one's a keeper.

Jason with his keeper Cobia.

Today's Crew aboard the Goin Off
(Pictured from left to right: Jeff and Jason)