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Goin Off Sportfishing deep sea fishing from Cocoa Beach out of Port Canaveral

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A full day for the Brainard family with plenty
of Kingfish and a couple of bonus Amberjack

    Today my fishing buddies were members of the Brainard family Eric, Mike, John and John all visiting Eric and his wife to celebrate a family members high school graduation. Eric's wife originally called me to do a full day with the guys and I was also able to hook her up with Capt. Chris Cameron on the "Fired Up" to take the women and the rest of trhe family out for a half day trip.
    We departed the dock about a half hour before Capt. Chris and obtained a well full of Pogies right on the beach between the pier and the south jetty with one toss of the cast net. We arrived at 8A reef to find a wide open bite on the kingfish. We had a number of double headers and even a couple of triple headers and it wasn't very long before we were catch and release on the kingfish. We had an opportunity on a fifty pound plus Cobia when it swam up behind the motors but refused to take a live pogie and eventually swam off on its merry way. Guess that's why it grew to over fifty pounds.
     Having caught and released well over our limit of Kingfish we decided to run offshore to look for a rip and try to entice some Mahi-Mahi, however, after over an hour of fruitless trolling without a knockdown I decided we'd try our luck with the Amberjack at the Cities Service Tanker wreck. we were able to hook up a couple of AJ's before the current got unmanageable and cruised back to Port Canaveral at thirty knots with a limit of kings and two Amberjack with a number of releases and plenty of bent rods.

Final tally for the day:
10 Kingfish limit with a number of releases
A few Remora
2 Amberjack

Eric, Mike and John with a triple header of Kingfish.

Mike bowed up on a nice Kingfish

Another shot of Mike working hard.

John with a nice Kingfish!

John bent up on an Amberjack

Johns first Amberjack.

Mike follows up with an Amberjack of his own for the smoker.

The Brainard Men
(Left to right: John, John, Mike and Eric)