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A full day for the Elkins family from Virginia

    Today my fishing buddies were Cindy, Jeff, and Landon Elkins and Cindy's father Jim for a full day of fishing to celebrate Landon's (the duke) birthday. The first order of business was to procure a live well of pogies which was easily accomplished just south of the Cocoa Beach pier in ten feet of water and this family had a ball doing the pogie pick up. And with that order of business out of the way we proceeded back to ole reliable 8A.
    The bite started within minutes of our arrival at 8A and although it wasn't red hot it was pretty steady all day except between 11:00 AM and 1:30 PM. As you can see from the pictures below Landon got his birthday wish fulfilled and I'll tell you that if you weren't really quick the duke would have the rod out of the rod holder on his own and he was happy to reel them in all by himself. Landon caught three or four of the kingfish, a few remora, a Bonito and a Cobia. Unfortunately the Cobia that duke caught was just a little short and had to go back to grow up.
  Anyway, a great time was had by all, with plenty of guest invited into the fish box for dinner. Days like these are why I really love what I do!!!

Final tally for the day:
7 1/2 Kingfish.
A bunch of Remora
2 Cobia with one released to grow up
2 Bonito released.

Landon "The Duke" with a nice Kingfish his first blue water catch.

Jeff catches a Bonito which is released unharmed.

The Duke nails a Bonito!

Grandpa gets in on he action, it's obviously not his first rodeo!

Grandpa gets a nice Kingfish.

The Duke nabs another bigger Kingfish

Jeff is bowed up on his first Cobia

This one is invited to dinner!

Now the Duke is fighting a Cobia of his own
with a little help from Grandpa

Landon's Cobia, just short, a quick picture and back into the water.

The Elkins Family Crew.
(Left to right: Jeff, Landon "The Duke", Cindy and grandpa Jim)