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Mixed bag for buds Shannon, Jeff, Buddy, Kyle and Jeff.


    Today my fishing buddies were a group of close friends from Orlando Shannon Brinkman Jeff Pellem, Jeff Gernand, Buddy Coleman, And Kyle Deaton. The plan of the day was to bend as many rods as possible and put together enough fish for everyone to take home and have a couple of good meals.
    Everyone met up at the house at 7:00 AM and of we went. First stop was at Sunrise Marina for a little fuel and a few pinfish to use as bottom bait. We then proceeded to Canaveral Bight where we were greeted by a multitude of pelicans diving on the pogies and a school of pogies so thick they blacked out my bottom machine. One toss of the net left us grunting and groaning to lift the net over the gunnels and after I dumped the net we were ankle deep in the critters. We quickly put what we would need for the day in the live well and released the rest back into the water.
    Off to 8A we went and were greeted by our first fish within minutes, a keeper cobe at about 40", a great way to start the day! The bite was steady and we ended up with eight kings and two keeper Cobia for our efforts at 8A. We then decided to move on to deeper water and the Cities Service Tanker and went 0 for one when we pulled the hooks on the only Amberjack bite we got. We then went to try our luck at bottom fishing in 230' of water south of the Cities Service and had trouble getting bait down to the bottom. Buddy hollered that a green and yellow fish had jumped behind the boat so I quickly grabbed a spinning rod and pitched out a livie and Buddy was into a decent Mahi of about 18 pounds. We also were able to catch another smaller Mahi at the same time and by then it was time for the return to the dock.
    Another flat calm 32+ knot cruise home and a great day on the water with a great bunch of guys. Man it doesn't get any better than this, good people, good times and a mess if good eating fish to boot.

Final tally for the day:
8 Kingfish the largest about 20 pounds
2 Mahi-Mahi
2 Cobia for the table with another three tagged and released to grow up.
1 Barracuda for a quick picture and then back in the water.
2 or 3 Remora released to fight another day

Doing the Pogie pick up!

First fish of the day, first dinner guest and Buddy's first Cobia.

A double header of kings for Jeff G. and Shannon.

Jeff G. with one of today's kings.

Come on over I'd like to invite you home for dinner.

Shannon with another keeper cobe for the ice box.

Another king comes to the gaff.

Another king for Kyle this time.

Tagged and ready for the release.

Jeff's short Cobe.

Dang, another one that gets a tag and has to go back.

Buddy and his 18# Mahi

Today's crew all smiles and ready for a fresh fish dinner.
(Pictured from left to right: Shannon, Buddy, Jeff G., Jeff P., and Kyle)