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Goin Off Sportfishing deep sea fishing from Cocoa Beach out of Port Canaveral

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The McCullough catching fish and having fun!

    Today my fishing buddies were Doug, Yvette, Lauren, and Garrett McCullough form Albuquerque, NM and Doug's brother David from Oregon. In town to visit all of the theme parks and spend some time in the sun. The plan of the day was to make sure everyone got a chance to bend a rod, catch a few rays and bag enough eating fish for a family cookout.
   First order of business as usual was to run down the beach and toss the cast net to get a well full of pogies for bait. Today was not the usual one toss of the net for me. For whatever reason I simply couldn't get the net on the bait as easily as usual, but, persistence eventually paid off (after about 15 throws) and we hit the mother lode. With bait in the well I figured I'd start off where I finished up the day before. What a difference a day makes and after about 2 hours of slow trolling on the beach between 20 and 45 feet and only two Jack Crevalle and two Blacktip Sharks to show for it I decided to go out to "ole reliable", 8A reef. The bite wasn't fast and furious and at first I was worried the "ole reliable" wasn't going to live up to it's name. Finally they started biting and by the end of the day we got the job done, everyone caught a good sized fish or two, and a tasty dinner was assured.
 I'm really glad the "ole reliable" finally came through for those folks since they were really a fun loving bunch and a joy to go fishing with.

Final tally for the day:
6 Kingfish to 20 #.
2 Blacktip Sharks released
2 Barracuda released to fight again
2 Remora
2 large Jack Crevalle released to fight again.

Brothers David & Doug bowed up on large Jack Crevalle.

Doug and Garrett with dads Jack Crevalle

A nice sized Blacktip Shark ready for a release.

Yvette and Doug with his and hers Kingfish.

David's 20 pound kingfish.

Mother and daughter team up an a Barracuda.

Lauren's Barracuda ready for release.

Yvette and son Garrett with another dinner guest.

The McCullough Family
(Pictured from left to right: Lauren, Doug, Garrett, Yvette, and David)