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The Fisher family from Pennsylvania catch a bunch.


    Today my fishing buddies were the Fisher family from Pennsylvania for a half day of blue water fishing. Although we were fishing in the Atlantic Ocean it seemed as though we were fishing in a giant blue water bathtub. I've seen larger waves in my 8 month old granddaughters bathtub.
    We started our day with the usual usual pursuit of of bait on the beach and then off to 8A we went. The kingfish bite was steady and as usual we had a lot of pulled hooks and short strikes. Everyone on board had multiple opportunities and most were able to boat more than one kingfish. Everyone agreed that the kingfish we were catching pulled a lot harder the walleye they were accustomed to catching back home.
    The real battle of the day award goes to father Scott who suffered at the dogged determination of the 30 pound Jack Crevalle that behaved more like the energizer bunny than a fish and with the oppressive heat and lack of breeze Scott was ready for a little rest and refreshment after battling the beast on 20 pound tackle for what seemed like an eternity.
    We returned to the dock and I cleaned up their fish for the much anticipated fish fry with plenty left over to take back home to Pennsylvania. I was the lucky one again to get to enjoy another absolutely beautiful day on the water with a wonderful family and some good memories.

Final tally for the day:
9 Kingfish the largest 25 pounds
1 Mahi-Mahi
1 Jack Crevalle weighed out at 30 pounds.
1 Barracuda for a quick picture and then back in the water.
2 or 3 Remora released to fight another day

Lance and Lyle with a double header of kings.

Scot with the largest king of the day a 25 pounder.

Dad gets his first Mahi and another course for dinner.

Lyle bowed up while dad watches.

Oh no not another run and what the heck kind of fish is this?

Scott and the 30# Jack Crevalle that wouldn't give up.

Today's crew all smiles and ready for a fresh fish dinner.
(Pictured from left to right: Scott, Lance, Lyle, Shane and Laura)