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Goin Off Sportfishing deep sea fishing from Cocoa Beach out of Port Canaveral

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Jim, Mark and Ron catch a mess of fine eatin'
Kingfish and Mahi-Mahi.

    Today my fishing buddies were the Jim and his son Mark and their friend Ron who drove down from Deltona to sped a full day offshore and try to put a little fish in the freezer. One toss of the net and the bait well was loaded and we we headed offshore to 8A reef for our all day adventure.
    The bite was a little slow at first but it wasn't too long till things started happening.  We landed our first kingfish of the day about an hour after our arrival and then it happened in waves with a double and two triple headers. Needless to say with multiple fish hooked up at once, it caused the usual pandemonium which is why I love offshore fishing so much.
    After catching 9 kingfish we all decided that since we had a limit of kings we'd move on to trying to catch a few Mahi-Mahi to add to tonight's dinner menu and pack a few more away in the freezer. We headed to the Titan reef, an artificial reef site. and were able to get that job done as well. I love it when a plan comes together; good weather, good people, and good fishing!

Final tally for the day:
4 Mahi-Mahi
9 Kingfish with 8 kept for the table

Mark and Jim doubled up while Ron get a picture.

Fish for dinner tonight!

Now Ron gets in on the action!

Triple header number one.

Triple header number two, think this is fun?

Cow Mahi comes to the gaff.

Ron gets a nice Mahi for  the fish box.

Now its a Bull Mahi coming to the gaff.

Looks like Mahi-Mahi for dinner and then some.

Ron, Jim, and Mark with the catch of the day!