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Goin Off Sportfishing deep sea fishing from Cocoa Beach out of Port Canaveral

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Shan Martin from Mississippi goes offshore for the
first time and catches a bunch.

Today my fishing buddies were good friend Ron Alford, Donnie Poston and Shan Martin for just a day of rod bending and a few fish for the table. Shan work for the phone company training line construction and pole climbing and my brother hooked me up with him to get him offshore an get him into some Kingfish action.
   Getting bait today was pretty tough but after getting to 8A with the couple of dozen baits we did get it didn't take long to turn them into some pretty good kingfish and rods were bent till we ran out of bait.
   We then ran offshore to go after some dolphin but the only action we saw on Mahi was when we first pulled up to the weed line a school of small schoolies swam up to the boat while I was getting the outriggers ready. The pandemonium that ensued while we were catching them was fun and exciting for Shan.
   A beautiful day on the water with old and new friends.

Final tally for day two:
A dozen or Kingfish between 12 and 25 pounds
A half a dozen Mahi-Mahi released to grow up
One Bonito released

Getting bait in the morning.

Shan bowed up on a Kingfish.

A  few Kingfish on ice.

Downrigger set and ready for another Fish.

Another Kingfish comes to the gaff.

Bonito gets released

Donnie just a chillin.