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Amy, Keith, Aron, Jason and Danny for a full day.


    Today my fishing buddies were Amy, Keith, Aron, Jason and Danny from Georgia for a full day of offshore fishing.
    Stopped on the beach as usual and picked up a few pogies for the live well but elected not to go after the Kingfish in hopes of tapping into the Mahi again. The bite for dolphin was all but non-existent and we were only able to catch two small bailers for our efforts. I went the extra miles to no avail for the Mahi. We hit weed lines at 120, 160, 220, 320 feet of water and I even went for broke and ran out to 58 nautical miles to a weedline on the other side and were rewarded with a barracuda for my efforts.
    The highlight of the day was the catch and release of a sailfish, a first for Keith and really the only real excitement for the day.
    The weather was beautiful and it was a great day with great people, but unfortunately we could not find the Mahi we wanted to make for the fish fry for my clients. Boy I really hate it when it happens but, I guess that's why they call it fishing.

Final tally for the day:
1 Sailfish released to fight another day
2 Small Mahi
1 Barracuda

Keith and his Sailfish!

One of the two small Mahi.