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Matt, Whitney, Rudy and Tony from Orlando for a full day.


    Today my fishing buddies were Matt, Tony, Rudy and Whitney from Orlando for a full day of offshore fishing.
    Stopped on the beach as usual and picked up a few pogies for the live well but decided not to go after the Kingfish in hopes of tapping into the red hot Mahi bite we have had for the past few days. Made a quick stop at the Cities Service wreck to hook up some Amberjack but fishing was really tough with a four knot current. Matt pulled the hooks on one butterfly jigging and Whitney had a shot at one but it came unglued when the leader broke. Rudy was able to wrestle one up away from the wreck and then we began our search for Mahi. The bite was slow but steady and we lost a couple of nice fish. One in particular was a 30+ pound fish that broke the wire leader while he was jumping. We were also pleasantly surprised when Rudy reeled in a Wahoo to add to our collection.
    Another great day with great people, good fishing and good times aboard the Goin Off. Plenty of the main ingredients for the fish fry as well.

Final tally for the day:
1 Blue Marlin estimated at 225# measured approximately 11' from fork of tail to tip of bill.
9 Mahi to 25 pounds

Rudy battling his first Amberjack, man these things pull hard!

Rudy with his first Amberjack

Tony caught a Wahoo!

Whitney all bowed up while Rudy looks on.

Whitney's first Mahi!

Whitney's second Mahi.

Matt gets a nice gaffer Mahi.

Tony with today's catch.

Today's crew!
(Left to Right: Matt, Rudy, Whitney, & Tony)