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Dr. Lance Armstrong and friends mixed bag.


    Today my fishing buddies were Dr. Lance Armstrong and his friend Heather Bloom and her 5 year old son Adrian and friends Betty and Rich. BTW Dr. Armstrong is my personal chiropractor and let me just say that he's the best chiropractor I've ever used in my 57 years and if you've got something ailing you I highly recommend his services to you.
    Today's goal was to take Heather and son Adrian offshore and put them into their first fish. They've never been offshore before and the largest saltwater fish Adrian has ever caught was a puffer.
    The day started as usual picking up a few live one on the beach and with the live well full of pogies it was off to pelican flats we went. Action was not fast and furious but steady. We were able to boat a total of 5 kingfish in about 2 hours and Adrian jumped right in with the catch of his young life so far with a keeper cobia to his credit. He got a little help from doc holding the fishing pole, but, it was the "Young man and the sea" ad he reeled it in all by himself. Mom also got her first kingfish and finished the day with a Mahi herself. Betty who was also new to the offshore scene managed to bag a Mahi and a Kingfish as well for her first time deep sea fishing.
    We finished up a beautiful day on the water with a calm and speedy ride home, a good mess of fish and some really good memories for Adrian who really likes to go fast in the Goin Off.

Final tally for the day:
5 Kingfish
5 Mahi to 20 pounds
1 Cobia

Adrian and Dr. Armstrong bowed up!

Keep turning the handle Adrian I can see him now.

Not to shabby for a 5 year old and some good eating as well.

Heather gets her first Mahi-Mahi with Adrian looking on

Today's crew with their catch and one look at Adrian's
face tells the whole story. I just love introducing youngsters to
offshore fishing.