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Goin Off Sportfishing deep sea fishing from Cocoa Beach out of Port Canaveral

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Cathy, Matt, Dave and Kent catch Kingfish and Mahi-Mahi.

    Today my fishing buddies were Matt, Dave and Kent, repeat Goin Off fishin buddies from last year to go out and stock up the freezer again and this time they brought along Cathy a friend of Matt's to round out the crew.
    As usual first order of business was to procure a bunch of pogies for the live well which was easily accomplished in Canaveral Bight with one toss of the cast net. The off to 8A we went and upon arrival we found cold green water, not the most conducive for catching the kingfish we were after. We only had one bite in a hour of fishing and Kent was able to get the one king in the box. So we made a move to the Titan reef, an artificial reef, and didn't have much luck there either so, off to the east we went and found a decent rip with a color change and almost immediately got into the small school Mahi-Mahi. Unfortunately most of the fish were under the 20" size limit and had to be released, however, and the pandemonium of multiple fish catches and releases and all of the exciting action is still a lot of fun. Meanwhile, between school we had one rod nearly stripped by the "big one that got away" and finally found some "gaffer" Mahi to go into the box.
    Action was pretty much non-stop all afternoon and we were able to put nine keeper Mahi-Mahi to 22 pounds into the fish box. Today was the day for the ones that got away, in addition to the one we never saw we also lost four other Mahi at or near the boat including a real heartbreaker for Cathy, a bull dolphin that would have probably weighed between 25 to 30 pounds.

Final tally for the day:
9 Mahi-Mahi to 22 pounds
1 Kingfish

Kent's all bowed up and having fun!

Kingfish for dinner!

Cathy catching one of many undersized Mahi-Mahi.

Dave's bowed up on a Mahi-Mahi and showing good form.

Dave with a gaffer Mahi.

Cathy with yet another small schoolie Mahi.

Cathy, Matt, Dave and Kent with todays catch!