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Boys day out with Matt and Reese from Michigan

    Today I had the pleasure of fishing with Matt and Reese Wilton from Michigan who were originally scheduled to fish with me on Monday the 6th but were postponed by bad weather and today was their last chance to go before heading back home from vacation. Today was the boys day off from the family for a little father and son time just doing guys stuff. Today's mission was to catch a few eating fish and do our best to catch a fish that pulled a little harder than the Walleye they catch back at home.
    First stop pretty much as always was a net full of pogies and an opportunity to do a dance I call the "pogie pick up". Mat and Reese quickly found out how slimey those little buggars are and after topping off the live well it was off to Pelican Flats we went. Upon arrival we were greeted by the nastiest green-brown water at 67 degrees with a algae bloom to boot. We slow trolled without a knockdown for about an hour when we picked up and moved on to the Titan reef with the rest of the charter fleet. Fishing was real slow here as well but the water temp had come up to 69 degrees and cleaned up a little. We finally got a bite and Reese showed that he was up to the task landing a 20# king, his biggest fish to date, and all by himself. Dad followed up with his own king of about 12#. We trolled another hour at least until Reese finished up our last king of the day. Dinner is served.
    Now on to some fish that pull back, the Amberjack. Off to the Cities Service Tanker we went and although the fish were there they seemed to have lockjaw just like the kings. I hate it when they do that. I went to a tactic that scales down the tackle and uses stealth mode for shy AJ's and we finally got hooked up and away from the wreck so the fish couldn't cut us off and after what Matt thought was a prolonged battle we were able to land a 52# Amberjack his largest fish to date and on 40# line.
    Next up was Reese's turn and we hooked up another Amberjack got it away from the wreck and the final weigh in resulted in a 35# Amberjack for Reese. The weather was beautiful until the ride in when a SW wind made for a few bumps and a little salt-water spray to finish the day.

Final tally for the day:
3 Kingfish.
2 Amberjack of 52 and 35 pounds

Reese bowed up on his first saltwater fish.

Reese with his first saltwater fish 20# Kingfish

Father Matt follows up with a Kingfish

Matt bowed up on his Amberjack.

Matt's 52# Amberjack

Reese fighting his Amberjack with a little help from Dad.

Reese fighting his Amberjack with a little help from Capt. John.

Reese fighting his Amberjack boy it hurts, when will it end!

Reese's 35# Amberjack.

Today's crew with their catch and ready for dinner.