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Goin Off Sportfishing deep sea fishing from Cocoa Beach out of Port Canaveral

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The Bowen, Carpenter, and Jones

 Family adventure aboard the Goin Off

    Today my fishing buddies were the Tony and Kyzer Bowen, Adam and Chris Carpenter and Bruce Jones for a half day of fishing. The water temperature and the fact that there was no live bait available made it apparent that kingfishing just wasn't in the cards for today, however, sight fishing for Cobia just might prove fruitful.

We saw a number of undersized Cobia during our trip but it wasn't until about 1 PM until we saw a good on and I made a good cast and got the hookup but it wasn't to be. About 10 minutes into the fight the 40-50 pound Cobia was able to shake the hook which meant we'd have to  return to the dock without one. A good time was had by all with all of the small fish we saw and the opportunity on the "big one that got away"

A really great day with great people!

Final tally for the day:
1 nice sized Cobia hooked and played for a while but we couldn't close the deal

Everyone's looking for Cobia.

And it's game on and the team is fighting the Cobia.

It's a team effort for sure!

Ugh Oh, I think he may have gotten away (:

Today's Happy Family Crew
(It was going to be catch and release anyway!)