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Goin Off Sportfishing deep sea fishing from Cocoa Beach out of Port Canaveral

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Jerry, Jarod, Jordan and Luke hammer 'em
on a half day trip to 8A reef.

    Today my fishing buddies were the Jerry and his three sons Jarod, Jordan, and Luke who were referred to me by my best bud Mason Williams. Mason, by the way tagged along with us today to enjoy the day offshore and help me by acting as my mate. We didn't have to run down the beach for the usual live bait since the cruise terminal basin had filled up with pogies in the last few days. One toss of the net and the bait well was loaded and we we headed offshore to 8A reef for our half day adventure.
    At first the bite was pretty slow but it wasn't too awfully long until it was game on. We landed our first kingfish of the day about an hour after our arrival and picked at the kingfish until it was time to go in. It was a little bumpy first thing and a couple of crew members who shall rename nameless succumbed to seasickness but the stuck it out and all caught fish.
    We were also blessed with a nice cow mahi-mahi that inhaled more than one pogie, tangled all of the lines and created pandemonium for all of us for a few minutes which could account for the lack pictures on the boat at the time of the catch.
    We started in from our half day adventure and as we were coming in I spotted a school of bait all balled up with a cobia at the surface in the middle of the school. I quickly spun the boat around and idled up the to bait school and one cast of my jig on the spinner added a Cobia that Jerry was more than happy to grab the rod and fight up to the boat for me while I grabbed the landing net.
   At the we landed the Cobia we proceeded back to the port with a fish box full of fish and our mission accomplished. Thanks again goes out to Mason not only for the referral but the hel[p as well.

Final tally for the day:
1 Cobia
1 Mahi-Mahi
2 Bonito
2 Remora
9 Kingfish kept for the table

Jarod bowed up and showing good form.

A Bonito for Jarod.

Jerry with a dinner guest!

A Bonito for Lindsey.

A pair of nice kings

Another dinner guest.

Another nice king for Jerry.

Mason holding up Jerry's bonus Cobia.

Jerry, Jarod, Jordan and Luke with a nice hang of fish for a half day!