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Me, my son John and my buddy Buck Buchanan bottom bumpin

    Today it was a tuna trip postponed due to a bad forecast and based on the folks I got reports from it was a brutal day on the other side we missed. My son John and his wife came up for the Easter weekend with my beautiful granddaughter Lorelai. I don't get to see my son and his family nearly enough and as you'll see in the pictures below my baby granddaughter is the catch of a lifetime and a true blessing in our lives.
    Anyway we got a load of pogies right out side of the inlet at Port Canaveral and since we decided not to go to the other side we had some snapper and grouper on our minds. I also wanted a king or two for the smoker. Didn't have a problem procuring either the snapper or the kingfish. Only bagged one grouper for the day. A hint as to where the the snapper are is within a hundred yards of where I've been going since before Christmas. All up north towards Ponce Inlet and the kings are there in force as well. Last trip up to the spot up netted a 44.8# king and this trip the largest was 36# with five others over 20#

Final tally for the day:
6 Snapper all over 24" with a bunch released.
1 Gag Grouper about 20#
6 Kingfish all over 20# largest 36#.
1 6' Bull Shark released.

Quality time with Lorelai

My best catch of last year!!!

John with 36# Kingfish

5' Bull Shark

John & Buck with today's catch.