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Another beautiful day and a bunch more Red Snapper!

    Again today my fishing buddies were my buds Mason William and Donnie Poston.  With all of the rhetoric about closing red snapper we want to get all the ARS we can before the NMFS stupidity kicks in again. The so called scientists the NMFS is relying on probably don't have a clue with what is really going on with the red snapper. Could the quantity of Red Snapper be  better? Sure they could, but the already restrictive two fish limit seems to me to be keeping the fish readily available for us fishermen.

    We had no problem catching our limit of snapper by noon and had a cobia swim up to the boat while we were bottom fishing so we invited him home to dinner with the snapper.

    We had high hopes that the rise in water temperature would make sight fishing for cobia a viable endeavor for the afternoon, however, we ran from our bottom fishing spot north of the shuttle pads all the way south to the south end of PAFB and never saw a cobe. Guess we'll have to try again soon

     Another great half day with good friends and a mess of fish to clean.

Final tally for the day:

6 Red Snapper Limit and a bunch of others released.
1 Cobia.

Another mess of snapper!