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Brian, Brian, Brian and Carlo jump ship for a half day!

    Today my fishing buddies were Brian, Brian, Brian and Carlo from New Jersey who arrived in Port Canaveral on the Norwegian Caribbean Lines ship  7-day cruise to Port Canaveral and the Bahamas. They decided to jump ship at high noon and go share a few beers and a few fish on the Goin Off for a half day!
    While they were inbound to the dock I ran down the beach and netted a few pogies to use as live bait for the day and returned to the port to pick them up at the marina. They arrived at the Sunrise Marina at about 12:30 PM and jumped aboard and off we went to try our luck. I warned them that we were just coming off and extended period of bad weather and that with the water as dirty as it was I was concerned about the amount of action we would have.
    First stop was the Cities Service Tanker wreck where the amberjack action had been really consistent, however, the action was very slow and I lost a number of butterfly jigs to toothy critters. I was only able to get one AJ hooked on a butterfly jig and it must have been a pretty good sized on since it didn't take long for it get to the wreck on the 50 pound spin jig rod that Carlo was fighting him on.
    We moved on to Pelican Flats after that and began slow trolling the live pogies and were able to find a few kingfish and some sharks that were fun for the guys on the 20# spin and conventional tackle I use for the kings. Everyone caught at least one king and shark as far as I know but the best bite of the day was the beer and I'm pretty sure everyone had a limit for the day.
    The weather laid down real nice for the ride home and all were returned to the marina safe and sound with another beautiful day on the water and good times with a few fishin buddies.

Final tally for the day:
1 Amberjack cut off in the Cities Service Tanker and 4 butterfly jigs cut off.
7 Kingfish with two kept for my dinner.
4 Atlantic Sharpnose Sharks released.

Brian Worell and his Kingfish!

Carlo is hooked up and stoked!

Here he comes!

Carlo's first king and I get dinner!

Crew looks on while Brian battles his fish!

Don't worry I got him!

It's a shark, pretty small but VERY cute!

Brian bowed up!

Ready for a release!

Another shark!