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Goin Off Sportfishing deep sea fishing from Cocoa Beach out of Port Canaveral

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A half day trip for the Hemenover men
turns up a goose egg.

    Today my fishing buddies were the Hemenover family guys, Dennis, Dalton, Shawn. who booked me for a half day trip. We got live bait as usual off the beach down south of the pier and proceeded to run to the area where the Cobia and Manta Rays have been showing up recently.
    Unfortunately all of the pressure all of us fishermen have been putting on the finally took its toll and although we were able to find a number of rays and most holding fish, the rays were really skittish today and most of the time would go down out of sight before you could get a bait to the Cobia. Even if you could get a bait on them the Cobia seemed to have "lockjaw" today.
    We gave it our best and I turned a half day trip into a full day trying to score, obviously at no extra charge, but it didn't do us any good since we could't seem to score no matter what I tried.
    My policy on the Goin Off is that if I can't get you into some quality fish, the next time you book me for a day of fishing you will go cost only the next time you're in town

Final tally for the day:

Dalton emptying the bait well after a frustrating day.

The Hemenover men - Shawn, Dalton, Dennis.