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Erik, Joanne, and Steve catch a bunch!

    Today my fishing buddies were Erik a contractor from Minnesota and his mother Joanne and stepfather Steve from North Dakota for a full day offshore. No bait along the beaches so I figure we'd start near the same place I found the cobes yesterday. I told my crew to keep a sharp lookout on the way out for anything that may hold a cobia and it was Erik that spotted a Manta Ray at the surface. We carefully approached the Manta and first cast and Steve was bowed up on what would be our only keeper cobe for the day. After putting Steve's cobia on ice we hooked another double, one spit the jig and it was game on for Erik. Seeing that it was close I netted the fish and sure enough it was a half inch short so back in the water it goes. Pulled back up to the Ray again, another double hook up and it's game on for Joanne and Steve again. Steve pulled the hooks on what was surely another keeper and sure enough Joanne's was a couple of inches short. Final result, one keeper in the box, three others released and pulled the hooks on two others. Not bad for Walleye fishermen from the north. The Manta disappeared into the briny blue but it sure was fun while it lasted.

    Next stop was Pelican flats for some more eating fish and it wasn't long before we caught our limit of eight kingfish on slow trolled ribbonfish and ballyhoo. We also go a bonus couple of Mahi-Mahi while slow trolling for kings that are always welcome table fare.

    To finish our day I asked them if they would like a shot at a fish that really pulled back hard on their line and since now they were seasoned fishermen with all of the action we'd had this morning. They all agreed that they were up to the task and would welcome a the grunting and groaning that a run away Volkswagen (Amberjack) could provide.

    We made the run to the Cities Service tanker and surely enough it was stacked with reef donkeys and it didn't take me long to butterfly jig one up for them. Everyone aboard will be wearing the bruises in the lower abdomen that the AJ's provided long enough to get back up north for show and tell. We caught a total of four jacks and lost a number of others while we were on the wreck. No problem getting the fish to cooperate on eating the butterfly jigs the jacks simply can't resist them.

    It was another great day to to share with some really fine folks and I was happy I could put them in the meat to take home a few fish fry's.

Final tally for today's trip:

1 Cobia with three others tagged and safely released.
2 Mahi-Mahi
8 Kingfish
4 Amberjack

Steve's first Cobia

Joanne's first cobia!

Erik gets a Kingfish.

Steve gets a Kingfish.


Steve gets a Mahi

Let me take you to dinner!

Joanne catches her first Kingfish.

What a beautiful day and the Kingfish are chewing!

Man these reef donkeys pull hard!!!

Steve gets his Amberjack!

Joanne's first Amberjack!

Hold on there!

Erik, Joanne and Steve with today's haul!