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Butterfly Jigging the jacks!

    Today my fishing buddies were my Buck Buchanan his friend Mike and my son John. With the recent "COLD" snap I decided that we would bend a few rods on the Amberjack that are stacked up right now on the deep wrecks. It was also an ideal opportunity to introduce the gang to a new way and DEADLY way to catch fish. Butterfly jigging is the most innovative thing I've seen in almost 20 years of fishing. I a believer in deep jigging with conventional jigs, however, butterfly jigging is incredible and if you invest the money in the right equipment and learn the proper technique then sitting in the river or the port catching pinners for bait is a thing of the past. Would have butterflied the cones, but, with the current running at 4 knots it would have been impossible to reach bottom.

We spent about four hours catching and releasing amberjack until everyone was worn completely out. We kept a limit of four of the small ones for the smoker and went in to Pelican for a while to catch a some snapper, however, the cold water prevented us from doing any good on the bottom fish.

Final tally for the day:

15+ Amberjack caught and/or released.
2 Triggerfish
1 Mutton Snapper.

Buck sinks the iron into my sons first "Butterflied" Amberjack.

Today's crew with our catch!
(Buck, Capt. John, Mike & John Jr.)