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Half day for my son John and my buds!

    Again today my fishing buddies were my buds Mason William, my son John, Donnie's girlfriends son, and Donnie Poston.  We only had a half day to fish since my sons wife Autumn has a surprise birthday party in store for my son John and we have to be back early under a threat of whatever an irate wife can dish out. We caught a bunch of grunts for bait and while we were yankin a few snapper when up swims Mr. Brownie. After a short tussle with the 35" cobia in the box he goes and dinner is assured.

    After icing the cobia we continue to catch and release snapper picking up a total of six keepers in the half day.  Another couple of cobia come by and gets to come aboard the Goin Off but, one was an inch too short he doesn't get invited to come to dinner and is safely released while the other joins his buddy in the ice box.

     Another great half day with good friends, my son, and a mess of fish to clean.

Final tally for the day:

6 Red Snapper Limit and a bunch of others released.
2 Cobia with one released to grow up.

My buds with the catch of the day!