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Goin Off Sportfishing deep sea fishing from Cocoa Beach out of Port Canaveral

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My brother Bob, Alan Coxe and Donnie Poston
get to cash in on the Cobia again.

    Today my fishing buddies was my brother Bob his best friend and longtime friend Alan Coxe and my buddy Donnie Poston go back out in hopes of cashing in on the annual Cobia run.
    Since we are sight fishing for Cobia this time of year it is not necessary to leave so early so we met at Bluepoints Marina at 9:00 am. The weather today was in a word, spectacular, and we were able to find some Manta Rays down near the south end of Patrick Air Forece Base in 45 feet of water. They were a little lock-jawed, however, persistence paid of with us be able to ice down three fish.
    We had an opportunity first thing in the morning when we encountered a real marine oddity, known locally as an "Ocean Sunfish" or also the "Mola Mola". This fish is unusual in that it looks like a swimming head and is propelled by its dorsal and caudal fin. Their diet consists oddly enough of primarily jellyfish and Portuguese Man-of-War. A real treat since they are quite rare.

Final tally for the day:
3 keeper Cobia

A rare treat, and Ocean Sunfish or Mola Mola

Another picture of our swimming head.

Alan with a nice Cobia.

Brother Bob, Donnie, and Alan with the catch of the day.