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The last RED SNAPPER until....

NMFS figures out that there is no snapper shortage.

    Today my fishing buddies were my buddies Mason Williams, Donnie Poston, and Joe Wright who happened to be visiting from New Mexico to go out on the last day before the NMFS Snapper closure. It is really a shame that the NMFS is acting to close the Red Snapper fishery with such misinformation about the state of the fishery. The way they tally the recreational catch is really no more than a joke, their statistics on the commercial catch are definitely suspect, and their scientists haven't done their job well enough to prove that the resource really is in trouble. Well anyway so much for my soap box. All I can say is that me and my buds were able to catch our limit of snapper very easily and we were awarded with a gag grouper bonus as well.

Final tally for the day:
8 Snapper limit
1 Gag Grouper

My buds with a nice "last" catch of the ENDANGERED Species