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The right way to start the New Year with my buds!

    Today my fishing buddies were my buds Mason Williams, Buck Buchanan, Mike Ullian and his friend Bill. We started out the day by catching a bunch of grunts and in the process of catching them a short snapper and his gill plate were no match for the tip of my finger! My finger bled like a stuck pig for most of the day. As long as I've been doing this you'd think I'd give the little fellas as much respect as the bigger fish cause it's always the little ones that end up getting you.

    We took off to our spot after acquiring the necessary amount of bait and after a twenty minute run we were quickly bowed up on snapper. The bite was not really red hot but steady most of the day, and in the end, I think we all had enough fun for one day. We probably caught well over 40 fish to get the limit of ten snapper that we were after. We had a great time catching them, pulled away with sore arms, and in the heat of battle a few choice words had been uttered for the ones that got away.

The weather today was again absolutely outstanding for this time of the year and the opportunity to share such a beautiful day with your buds, catch a few fish, and have a few laughs at each others expense was priceless. Today was what a great day of fishing is all about!

Final tally for the day:

10 Red Snapper Limit and a bunch of others released.
Bunches of Sea Bass released.
A bunch of Atlantic Sharpnose Sharks released.

My buds with a few of the snapper we'll be having
 for dinner tomorrow night!

Today's crew with our catch!
(Bill, Buck, Mike & Mason)