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Just me and my buds again!

    Again today my fishing buddies were my buds Mason Williams, Buck Buchanan, and Donnie Poston. We caught a bunch of grunts for bait and who swims up but Mr. Brownie. After a short tussle with the 35" cobia in the box he goes and dinner is assured.

    After icing the cobia we proceeded to our snapper spot and although we have to catch a bunch (maybe 40 or so) of short snapper we we finally are able to tally a limit again on the snapper. In the meantime Buck puts out the flat line and lands a 30 lb king. The folks at my wife's work will be happy to have some eating fish again thanks to Buck. Another cobia comes by and gets to come aboard the Goin Off but, being and inch too short he doesn't get invited to come to dinner and is safely released.

     Another beautiful day with good friends and a mess of fish to clean.

Final tally for the day:

8 Red Snapper Limit and a bunch of others released.
2 Cobia with one release to grow up.
A bunch of Sea Bass and Triggerfish.

My buds with the catch of the day!