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2/18/12 A great start to a new charter season! Amberjack & Mahi a plenty for Arty, Dennis and Matt


7/13/2011 "Serene Harbor, Inc." and the Desrosiers family both benefit from a half day fishing trip.
7/6/2011 Another half day fishing and fun for the Asher Family
7/5/2011 A half day for the Addington and Vaughn Families
7/2/2011 A half day of catching for the Bernhoft Family and an weather phenonomen.
6/24/2011 A slow half day offshore but a big king in the box for Mike, Steven, Eric, Brian and Tom
6/21/2011 A full day for the Brainard family with plenty of Kingfish and a couple of bonus Amberjack
6/20/2011 A full day for the Elkins family from Virginia
6/19/2011 A half day mixed bag for the Willlis family
6/18/2011 A Mahi-Mahi day for Donnie and Joe!
6/17/2011 Dan and John drink a few beers and catch a few fish!
6/15/2011 The Zimmerman family back again a year later for some offshore fishing fun!
6/14/2011 New York vs. New Jersey challenge with the "Fired Up" and the "Perfect Storm"
6/7/2011 No trip to the other side, but, a cooler full of Mahi-Mahi anyway.
6/4/2011 2011 Felix Tournament, 2nd place total aggregate, 2nd place Sailfish, 3rd place Kingfish
5/28/2011 John and Tommy back again aboard the Goin Off
5/25/2011 Dr. Armstrong and company back again for groceries.
5/24/2011 Half day for Shelly, Whitney, Brandon and David and a tale to tell!
5/22/2011 Shan, Donnie, Dave and brother Bob go fishin.
5/20/2011 Matt, Dave and Kent Mahi-Mahi 2011 trip number two
5/18/2011 Cathy, Matt, Dave and Kent catch Kingfish and Mahi-Mahi.
5/14/2011 A fishing trip with the most beautiful girl in the world.
5/12/2011 My buddies Mike and Donnie and I go fishing for fun
5/8/2011 Jim, Mark and Ron catch a mess of fine eatin' Kingfish and Mahi-Mahi.
4/22/2011 Jerry, Jarod, Jordan and Luke hammer 'em on a half day trip to 8A reef.

Lindsey, Bobby and Bobby tear 'em up in a half day!

4/10/2011 Frank and Joy from Dayton, Ohio really bend some rods.
3/26/2011 The Laquian family's half day offshore with sharks and an unusual catch.
3/19/2011 Mason, Mary, Mitch, Donnie, and myself put the hurt on the Cobia
3/15/2011 A half day trip for the Hemenover men turns up a goose egg.
3/14/2011 A half day trip for the Cross family men nets a cooler full of tasty filets.
3/13/2011 A half day adventure for the Wintle-Pagan family and a last minute Cobia saves the day.
2/27/2011 My brother Bob, Alan Coxe and Donnie Poston get to cash in on the Cobia again.
2/26/2011 Me and my buds go catch a cooler full of Cobes
2/23/2011 A very windy half day offshore wih a keeper Cobia goesfor Doug Gilley and his wife.


12/30/2010 Finally back after a total knee replacement and finish out 2010 with a fine catch of Cobia
7/31/2010 A half day of catchin Kings and Cobes for Mike, Terri & Alex Abrams and Nathan Kendall
7/30/2010 A half day for Don, Steven and Bobby Prater from Oklahoma
7/29/2010 A half day for Jack, Ryann, and Delaney Daniels from Ashland, Va.
7/28/2010 The Beaudin Family half day fishing adventure.
7/22/2010 The Belk family half day fishing trip.
7/14/2010 Tearing 'em up for a full day offshore with Josh, Aaron, Jeff and Pawpaw from Arkansas.
7/10/2010 A half day offshore for the boys from Winter Haven.
6/30/2010 A half day for the ladies from Texas catch plenty of Kingfish for dinner and a bonus Cobia.
6/28/2010 A full day and a bountiful catch of Cobia and Kingfish for the Wheeler clan and Joe Engel.

A full day of fishing fun for Brian Hogate, Mike Cunningham and their sons.

6/26/2010 A half day birthday wish for Chris from Pam, with a fish dinner to follow.
6/25/2010 A catching day at the Lead Wreck.
6/22/2010 A Cobia day for Jason and Jeff.
6/21/2010 A slow day for Corey Lovett and his son in laws.
6/18/2010 A bachelors party to the other side with Yellowfin Tuna , Blackfin Tuna, and Mahi for dinner.
6/15/2010 The McCullough catching fish and having fun!
6/14/2010 The Zimmerman family have a action packed half day!
6/10/2010 Joe, Mike, Timmy and myself out for some fun in the sun go bend a few rods!
6/7/2010 John, Rick and Matthew bend some rods and score on some big Kingfish!
5/30/2010 Bumpy day offshore with Mahi, Kingfish, Cobia, and a heartbreaking Red Snapper release.
5/28/2010 Michael and Dan from the British Isles bend a rod.
5/23/2010 The Disney chefs catch tonight's special fish of the day!
5/22/2010 CFOA Tourney with Victor, Michael, Matthew, Tom, and Gene an almost 2nd place Kingfish!
5/16/2010 Curtis, Cory and Jason on vacation catch a bunch and get an up close look at a shuttle booster!
5/14/2010 Ron, Tim, and Steve second of two full days offshore catch Kingfish, Cobia, and Mahi.
5/13/2010 Ron, Tim, and Steve first of two full days offshore catch a limit of kingfish and a Mahi.
5/9/2010 The boys from Brunswick, Ga. brave bumpy seas for a bountiful catch.
5/8/2010 Dr. Lance Armstrong, Heather, Adrian and Gary catch a bunch of Kingfish.
5/6/2010 Shan Martin from Mississippi goes offshore for the first time and catches a bunch.
5/5/2010 The Tyler family from Canada return for another half day aboard the Goin Off
5/1/2010 A Mahi day for the Deyo family and friends.
4/29/2010 John and Les catch some Kingfish and a Mahi for dinner.
4/23/2010 The Dietz Party party fill the fish box with Mahi and Kingfish
4/7/2010 Cobia hunting Port Canaveral style with a Cobia dinner ending.
4/6/2010 The Bowen, Carpenter, and Jones Family Adventure aboard the Goin Off
4/1/2010 Dr. Armstrong bends a rod on reef donkey's (Amberjack)
3/31/2010 Linda and her son David with David's friend Daniel catch a bunch of Amberjack
3/25/2010 Mike Krenn and his father play with the Amberjack


12/31/2009 The last RED SNAPPER until NMFS figures out that there is no snapper shortage.
10/13/2009 The Bishop family scores big with plenty of kingfish and barracuda action.
10/10/2009 A half day of fishing for Eric, Anton and the buddies from work.
9/28/2009 Half day bottom fishing for Naomi, Chandler and Vince.
9/26/2009 Joe's first Sailfish and some tasty treats from the deep.
9/6/2009 A slow half day for Ryan, Justin, Josh, Mike and Justin.
8/16/2009 A half day on a bumpy ocean ends with a 40 pound Kingfish on the ice.
8/12/2009 A day of family fishing for Curtis, Brenda, Megan and Logan and Megan's friend Danielle
8/11/2009 The guys from England bend some rods on Kings, Cobia, Flounder and Snapper
8/9/2009 Best buddies Johnny and Tommy half day Kings, Sharks and Cobia
8/7/2009 A half day birthday wish granted to a Merritt Island mother from her kids
8/4/2009 Tony Calfee back for a half day with his son Brandon and best bud John
8/2/2009 A half day offshore and a fish box full of Kings and Cobia.
7/30/2009 A full day offshore and a full fish box for the Belles family from Pennsylvania
7/29/2009 Half Day of catchin' for Matt and Darren Meeker and Ross Johnson
7/27/2009 David, Brent and Everette from Tennesssee whack the Cobia, Snapper and Kings.
7/25/2009 Carol, Matt, David, Lisa and Tom catch enough for a bunch of fresh fish dinners.
7/22/2009 Dan and Landan Smith, Tyler Clarkson and Austin Lincks from Tennessee go fishin'
7/21/2009 Heinz 57 day for Matt, Whitney, David, David and Kent
7/18/2009 Erin, Jennifer and Justin take a day out of the law office to go offshore to try their luck.
7/16/2009 Longtime friends Capt Dawn and Earl get a taste of East Central Florida
7/13/2009 Half day for Andrew, Ngan, Hue, Myanh and John from Cincinnati, Ohio.
7/11/2009 Summertime Snapper, Grouper, and Cobia for me and my buddies
7/10/2009 Half day for Clayton Hooks, Justin and Stephen Adams
7/5/2009 Snapper in the summer for Rob, Mark, Jeff, Dan, and Hawkeye
7/4/2009 Half day for the Coppola family to celebrate Independence day
6/27/2009 Half day trip for Allan and Caitlyn Beaver and Debbie and Ed Duckett
6/26/2009 The guys from Sweden half day deep sea fishing catch Cobia, Kingfish, and hook a Sailfish

Mission "Fish Fry" for the Coppola Family and Anton and Tina.


Fathers Day trip for Evan and his father George and my son John.

6/20/2009 Mixed bag of Cobes, Kings and Mahi for buds Shannon, Jeff, Buddy, Kyle and Jeff.
6/15/2009 The Fisher family from Pennsylvania catch a bunch for a half day.
6/13/2009 My son John and his buddies from work chase Yellowfins on the other side
6/9/2009 Paul, Rick, Bob, and Dennis get Kings, Cobia, Cuda and Mahi .
6/8/2009 Stephen, Tim and Ron for a full day on the briny blue.
6/7/2009 Curtis, Laura, Kyle, Corey, and Kaitlin from Denver bend some rods.
6/3/2009 Daniel, Marty, and Brandon from Tennessee catch a bunch of Kings, AJ's and a token Mahi.
5/29/2009 Amy, Keith, Aron, Jason and Danny from Georgia for a catch a sailfish.
5/28/2009 Matt, Whitney, Rudy and Tony from Orlando for a full day offshore.
5/27/2009 Tony and Tim go to Tuna Town after waiting two years for good weather.
5/25/2009 Dr. Lance Armstrong and friends mixed bag and 5 year old Adrian scores BIG!

Mike, brother Dave and sister-in-law Andrea and friends Brad and Samantha catch kings.


First time deep sea fishing for David Kingsley and sons from Webster, N.Y.

5/4/2009 First time deep sea fishing for Bob, Nick, Koni, and Michael from Orleans, Ontario Canada
5/3/2009 Bernard, Greg, Tony, and Sean from Fedex take a break to go fishing!
5/2/2009 A happy birthday for Rani!
4/23/2009 A few tasty treats from Tuna Town
4/11/2009 Me, my son John and my buddy Buck Buchanan bottom bumpin.
4/9/2009 Boy's day out with Matt and Reese from Michigan
4/4/2009 Trophy Yellowfin and a Sailfish aboard the "It's Never Enough"
3/31/2009 Jim Berry and Captain Al-hab and the biggun that didn't get away!
3/30/09 Brian, Brian, Brian and Carlo from New Jersey jump ship for a half day!
3/12/09 Erik, Joanne, and Steve catch a bunch!
3/11/09 Eric and Anton back for another half day with Steve!
3/9/2009 Robert and Cory from Pittsburg, PA. get bent!
3/7/2009 Another beautiful day and a bunch more Red Snapper
2/28/2009 Half day for my son John and my buds!
2/8/2009 John & my buds Butterfly Jigging up the jacks.
1/22/2009 Just me and my buds again!
1/3/2009 The right way to start the New Year with my buds!


12/29/2008 Another Beautiful day and a limit of Snappers.
12/20/2008 A beauty of a day with my buds and a limit of Snaps and a cobe.
11/29/2008 Mixed bag offshore bottom bumpin with my buds.
7/11/2008 Half day mixed bag and Anton Gets his first Sail!
7/5/2008 Cobia, Kings and more for the holiday weekend.
6/23/2008 Chuck and Lou catch some Kings, a Cobia, and Mahi-Mahi.
6/20/2008 Project "FishSmart" research team goes after King Mackeral
5/28/2008 Gloria gets a Sailfish release and Joe breaks in his new rod.
5/22/2008 Ron, Gary, Steve and Randy return to clean up on the fish.
5/21/2008 A day of relaxation and renewed friendship for Ron, Gary and Steve.
5/19/2008 A break on the briny blue for UK Gymnastics coaches Mo and Chuck
5/5/2008 "Other Side" Dolphin-a-plenty, but, where's the Yellowfin?
4/21/2008 "Other Side" Dolphin for Ray, Gerald, Barrett, Ron, & Dale
4/12/2008 Wahoo, Barracuda & Bluefish for Jim, Jeff and Vicky Moore
3/29/2008 Half day Cobia and Jack Crevalle
3/15/2008 Amberjack a plenty aboard the Goin Off
3/14/2008 Mike Krenn's father returns from Pennsylvania
3/6/2008 Bottom Bumpin and a bonus Blackfin
2/29/2008 Leap Year Cobia for Jeff & Richard
2-25-2008 Cobia, Mantas and Meat aboard the Goin Off
2-24-2008 Cobia, Kingfish, and a Sailfish for Stephen & Jonathan
2-22-2008 Me & my fishin' bud Mike chasing cobia.
2-21-2008 Rockin' & Rollin' at Pelican Flats with Red, Ron, Bill, & Jack
2-16-2008 Bottom Bumpin' with Steven, Christina, & John
2-9-2008 Kingfish Mayhem at Pelican Flats with the family.
1-9-2008 Bottom bumpin' with the firehouse crew John, Mike, Chris and Jamie


12-30-2007 Kingfish for Robbie, Evan and Kendall
12/28/2007 Tripletail & Kings with Donnie, David & Joe 

I hate "Red Tide" trip with Donnie, Mason, Brent & Joe 

12/23/2007 Quick trip with Frank, Trent & John for dinner
12/8/2007 Bottom Bumpin' with Mason and Mike Wilson
12/1/2007 Half Day Kingfishing with Kevin & Rolf from Ft. Lauderdale

Quick trip for dinner aboard the "Goin Off"

11/14/2007 Half day playing hooky Tripletail aboard the "Goin Off"
11/11/2007 First of the fall Cobia aboard the "Frayed Knot"
10/20/2007 Rainy Day Flounder aboard the "Goin Off"
10/13/2007 Big Redfish & Major Flounder Poundin aboard the "Goin Off"
9/9/2007 Redfish, Snook & more Flounder aboard the "Goin Off"
9/8/2007 More "Flounder Poundin" with a snook & redfish bonus aboard the "Frayed Knot"
9/1/2007 Flounder Poundin' with Frank and John Martin and sons aboard the "Frayed Knot"
8/18/2007 Last chance before going back to school for Brent - Mixed Bag
7/30/2007 Meer & Uncle Mohammed from Canada
7/25/2007 Ross & Lisa visiting from Germany.
7/21/2007 " Joe Wright Sr., Joe Jr. from New Mexico & Donnie Poston mixed bag"
7/20/2007 "Fishin Buddies - Buck, Roy & Freddy - Mixed bag Kingfish, Mahi & Doormat Flounder"
7/14/2007 "First Yellowfin Tuna Blood"
7/12/2007 "Mike Krenn and his father visiting from Pennsylvania"
6/17/2007 "My son John and I took quick trip for a meal"
6/16/2007  "The Navarros Family Fishing Trip" (A pictorial essay)
6/10/2007 "First Blood for the All New GOIN OFF - Sailfish for my dad!


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